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Manufacturer & Exporter Duplex Paper Board

Incoming Raw Material :

Both fibrous and non-fibrous raw materials are accepted only after inspection, testing and clearance.Standard specifications have been fixed for each and every item used in process. It is important and mandatory for the quality parameters to match the laid down specifications of the raw material without which the raw material is not allowed to use in the process for paper making.

Process Control Division :

The process control division deals with in-process monitoring of quality round the clock. All the required samples are collected at regular intervals and analysis of the samples is done in the laboratory. All the results are communicated to concerned departments for immediate action in case of any abnormality. The variations in the process are indicated in the reports for the convenience of process control and improvements.

Final Product  :

Samples are drawn from all the parent rolls produced on machine. Analysis of the samples is done in the laboratory for the required parameters. After studying the reports, the rolls meeting the specifications are cleared for finishing. Samples are collected at regular intervals from finishing house to check if there is any product passing with finishing defects.

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